We Rent Awesome Moving Boxes that People Love

We Rent Awesome Moving Boxes that People Love

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Rent Our Awesome Moving Boxes

JC BOXES features
JC BOXES featuresJC BOXES features

Benefits of Renting Moving Boxes

No tape or box assembly and no recycling mess.
Just pack, stack, and go.
No need to buy cardboard boxes.
Rental packages start at $99 with delivery
Free Next-Day Delivery and Pickup!

Make this your easiest move ever!

Other Helpful Rentable Moving Items:

Rent Plastic Moving Box Dolly Toronto

Box Dollies

Available for Rent

Easily stack and move up to 6 loaded JC BOXES without straining your back

Wardrobe Boxes Toronto

Wardrobe Boxes

Available for Rent

Pack your wardrobe easier and better with our wardrobe boxes

Moving Blankets Toronto

Moving Blankets

Available for Rent

Safely wrap furniture to ensure your items are safe during transport

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we're open and ready to help simplify your move!

In addition to cleaning the JC BOXES after each use, we are now rotating the boxes to ensure at least a 5-day period between the time a box is returned and when it is delivered to a new customer. Our drivers now wear a mask, wash their hands frequently and follow social distancing guidelines. We deliver and pick up in whatever location is most comfortable for our customers. We also no longer require anyone to physically sign our order form upon delivery.

Yes, absolutely! Here are a few of the ways you'll save some green:

  1. JC BOXES are much stronger than cardboard so you'll be able to pack more in our boxes without worrying about the bottom falling out. This means you'll need fewer boxes.
  2. If you value your time and would rather NOT spend hours gathering and building cardboard boxes, JC BOXES are delivered to you ready to be packed, saving you hours of valuable time.
  3. JC BOXES have attached lids which means you won't need to spend extra money on rolls of packing tape. Our boxes never need tape. Just close the interlocking lids and you're done.
  4. JC BOXES neatly stack on top of one another making it super easy for movers to wheel them in and out of your home/office and into a moving truck. With movers charging an average of $150/hr, even shaving just 1 hour off the total move time will save you a significant amount of money. Check out our pricing page.

No! We offer free delivery and pickup service within our service area when you order one of our box packages.